Inspired by a Dirty Grey Horse

I am so happy you are here. 

My journey to creating Cold Bay Studio has been a long time in the making and my saving grace. Born and raised on a little acreage in Iowa, I have always found peace and purpose in the outdoors and while working with my hands. 

Fast forwarding many years, I found myself on a ferry from Washington to Alaska–uprooting my life for a new adventure, and leaving behind pieces of me that I fondly reflect on while I’m sitting in the quiet woods or at my work bench. My thoughts often wander back to the dirty grey horse back home, and his memory helps bring my western indie roots into my work. 

Cold Bay Studio is located in a little corner of my home in the deep Alaskan woods. There is often a dog lying peacefully next to me, and in the calm and quiet of my work at the bench, I often wonder: Where will this piece go? Who will love it as much as I do? Will they find the joy and magnificence in its imperfections? 

Self-taught silversmithing is no joke. Every cut and mark on my hand is a reflection of the energy and love I put into each piece. No fancy equipment used here. Each piece is made by hand with files, a saw, and a hammer. 

And if you notice that western flair in my work… it’s just me longing for the smell of my leather saddle and that dirty grey horse. Each piece carries a little of his spirit in it. 

Welcome to Cold Bay Studio. Thank you for being here.


Jackie Kragel