Sizing can be difficult but here are some helpful tips!

You can get your ring size a few different ways. Going to a jewelry store for a free sizing is one, or using an at home sizer. You can order one of those off my site under the 'Extras' tab. They are reusable incase you and your friends want to use the same one. Or keep it for down the road if you ever need to be re-sized.


*Its important to note that your ring size can fluctuate. A lot of factors go into it like hydration, elevation, amount of salt consumed, stress, pregnancy. But! you can usually find a finger to wear your ring as all fingers are a different measurement, if you notice swelling. 

I make my cuffs in two different sizes, Small and Standard. When I make the cuff, I leave the ends slightly bendable, so you can custom fit the cuff to your wrist. Don't worry about bending it too much. You wont break them! 

Standard Cuff sizing is  6" with a 1" spacing. This allows for a 7" wrist, plus or minus a half inch.

Small Cuff sizing is 5" with a 1" spacing. This allows for a 6" wrist, plus or minus a half inch

If you need to measure your wrist, use a flexible tape measure. If you do not own one, simply use a piece of string or shoe lace or something, mark it, and measure that with the standard tape measure. Measure the wrist in the area between the wrist bone and the hand.


If you are ever in question, please email me and I would be totally happy to help.